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5 Reasons Why Challenging Yourself is a Must

Pushing your limits, breaking boundaries and challenging yourself have been hot topics for a while now. Social Media has allowed us to become inspired by others’ achievements, whether it’s weight loss, travel adventures or starting a business, we instinctively put the focus back onto ourselves: “How could I do that?”

The difference between the successful person and the unfulfilled individual however, is what happens next. How many of you then take the necessary steps to put you on your way to achieving the same, if not greater, accolades?

We understand that life can seem to get in the way a lot of the time, so we wanted to discuss why challenging yourself and breaking your comfort zones is vitally important for a life fulfilled. Here are a few pearls of wisdom from our team!

Charlie Hodgkins: “Stagnant water goes stale”

Simple but effective! Through life we evolve; with age, our surroundings, our people and circumstances. Times change and people grow so it’s important to keep up – you can either jump on board or get left behind.

Cameron Ashton: “If you didn’t challenge yourself, it would be impossible to realise your full potential.”

What’s more fun:

  • Wondering “what if?”
  • Giving it a go and actually finding out?

Our guess is no-one really wants to be the onlooker each and every time, every one wants the chance to be good at something, to have something to be proud of. And if you really thought about it, does anybody even care if you turn out to be terrible at it? No.

The idea of challenging yourself can be scary, but the sense of achievement, growth and development you feel from breaking comfort zones or pushing your previous limits is more than worth it. It’s like reaching a new level on a video game! You: Level 17…

Alex White: “It is important to challenge yourself to become the best version of you. You have limited time on this earth, so make the most of it.”

Quite frankly, time flies whether you’re having fun or you’re not. Being scared to try, or frightened of failure isn’t going to add value to your life in any way, it will only hold you back. With limited time to have an impact on this earth, it’s vital we push ourselves to be better, reach our potential and show everyone what you’ve got.

Regret can be a terrible thing (if you don’t believe us have a little look through the millions of quotes on Instagram), and what’s the harm in trying anyway? At least if it goes wrong you’ll have a great story to tell!

Dale Trinder: “It’s important to push yourself to grow as a person. Always be looking to challenge yourself to achieve more than you thought you could”

Success and achievement aren’t pre-determined aspects of life, they’re a decision made at a point in time to be more, do more and have more. But sometimes, success is simply the outcome from little decisions along the way; just taking a step, the next move, one after the other, is all it takes.

Surprise yourself, who knows what you can achieve until you try?

Dale, in the middle, has recently hit Team Leadership as a result of his decision to try

Nina Collis: “The curse of ambition is that you aren’t satisfied with coasting, so, personally, I need to keep challenging myself to keep my brain active and myself developing.”

At the other end of the spectrum are the ambitious, determined individuals who see no other option but to succeed, in whatever field that may be. Complacency and standing still won’t cut it, they need to move up to the next stage.

So although the constant nag to be better can be draining, the consequent regular successes are exhilarating.

The choice is yours…

So, if you want to see how far you can go, and what you can achieve, it’s your decision to make. Yours and yours only. It’s never too late to be better, so what are you waiting for?

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