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Why Doing What Scares You is Only Ever a Good Thing

Happppyyyy Hallooweeeeeeen! What else is October known for???

Behind all the costumes, face paint and eery activities however, is a life lesson that we at RedSeven are itching to teach… Being scared, fearful or anxious is actually a good thing!

Each and every time we feel these emotions we increase our capabilities, confidence and know-how, so although we may rather feel comfortable and cruise through each day, the decision to put ourselves forward for something out of our ordinary is something we should all push to do.

Habits of Horror

The silly thing about personal development, is that it quite often takes another person encouraging, or even pushing, for us to leave our comfort zones. When in actual fact, we should want to grow, develop and stretch our abilities, surely?

We get so used to what we can do and enjoy being capable, that we almost avoid the possibility of what we could do because of familiarity and ease.

Horror - RedSeven

Just as habits can be not-so-positive (biting your nails, smoking, pouting etc), there are hundreds and thousands of ways to instil positive habits into our day to day (going to the gym, meditation, vegetable smoothies for breakfast etc).

In a sense, sticking to your comfort zone is a bad habit, we should all make a conscious effort to say “yes” to more that scares us, and seeking those opportunities ourselves.

Regret Vs Fear

Who’s team are you on? Or more importantly, who’s team do you want to be on? It is your choice after all.

Trick or Treat - RedSeven

With regret comes “what ifs” and never knowing, but fear can go one of two ways…

  1. You can either work through the fear and come out of the other side having accomplished something, learnt something or surprising yourself – OR
  2. You can let that fear reside within you, giving it priority and avoiding further action.

More often than not, the latter will only leave you with regret for not having tried, yet that isn’t always enough for us to act otherwise.

Luckily, fear of the unknown can be translated to excitement for what’s next if you let it. All you need to do is ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Will doing this enhance my life (career-wise, ability, confidence, experience, reputation etc)?
  • Will I be proud of myself for doing it?

Is it actually a nightmare?

Unless you’re an extremely confident, fearless individual, there will be times that you’re anxious, apprehensive or even scared to do something. If you go through life avoiding those feelings, backing away from development and progression, you’ll become quite the stagnant, passive person, eventually even becoming obsolete perhaps in your field.

Red Skeletons - RedSeven

Really though, what’s the worst that could happen from giving it a go? Everyone loves a trier after all, and you never know, you might even end up having fun!

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