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Why you should fight for your passions

Valentine’s Day is this week and we sure do hope you’re feeling the love (if not, we’re sending you some!) Loving your respective partner is one type of love, but do you love your work? Your day to day? The activities you partake in every Monday to Friday, 9-5 to “bring home the bacon”?

We understand that circumstances don’t always align to let you chase your dreams as such, but your passions? Let’s incorporate those into our lives as much as humanly possible.

At RedSeven we put heavy emphasis on achieving personal goals, chasing dreams, having a positive impact and loving what you do. Here’s how, and here’s why…

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You are what you do

Personal values differ from individual to individual; some may value their time therefore a flexible working structure is most important, some may value a certain level of income therefore hours invested is a means to an end, and some may value autonomy therefore being their own boss is a must.

Whatever it is that’s important to you, hold on to it dearly. Our relationships with our loved ones are important, but so are our relationships with our careers. We spend just as much time investing in them after all.

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It may seem irresponsible at times to drastically quit our jobs and chase our dreams; we have responsibilities, dependants, mortgages to pay after all! But no-one said you couldn’t dip your toe in the water, getting one step closer to fulfilling your ultimate goal. So, what’s stopping you from investing your down-time more fruitfully?

  • Can’t stop thinking about the homeless in this awful weather? Volunteer at your nearest homeless shelter one evening a week
  • Got more to offer than your daily grind? Write a blog to help others or start offering your services as a side project and extra income
  • Always wanted to learn a language? Swap some tele hours for an evening Spanish class or listen to a language podcast

If we only ever work, eat and sleep,we’re limiting not only our talents, life experience and impact, but our sense of worth.

Improve what can be improved

There’s a lot to be said for contentment, but there’s a fine line between being happily content with your life and settling for mediocre. We’ve all felt the new year punch upon realising another year has passed: “Nothing has changed!”, or “I still haven’t x, y or z”.

It can be daunting to up-root your current life, or take a plunge in another direction, but nothing changes unless you do. A different outcome requires different action.

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Where people can go wrong and give up before they start is by not focusing their efforts, actualising their thoughts. Deciding to up your income won’t just happen because you thought about it, an increase will come from proactively asking your boss what you need to do in order to get a pay rise, seeking new clients or taking on extra employees.

Know your goal and work it backwards:

  • What circumstances need to align in order to achieve it?
  • How can you begin aligning them?
  • What should be you first move?
  • Who do you need to seek advice from?
  • What resources do you need to obtain?

That tortoise beats the hare every time you know!

Love breeds love

Authenticity is what creates success. If you partake in something you’re passionate about, something you enjoy doing, you’ll no doubt see better results than if you’re doing it because you feel as if you have to.

Love Breeds Love - RedSeven
You may not currently be in love with your vocation, (hopefully that’ll change soon enough), but if you’re feeling fulfilled in other areas and as if you’re embracing your passions, you’re more likely to feel happier at work anyway. Life’s too short to invest our time poorly.

How full is your passion tank?

If your life is seeming all too lacklustre, perhaps it’s time to make a move for the better. Whatever that is for you, give yourself time to think about it, then get moving!

At RedSeven we not only support autonomous learning, development and an entrepreneurial mindset, we encourage it. If you’re looking for something you can be proud to call your own, get in touch. Call Nina on 01793 976565 or send us an email with your CV and Cover Letter to

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