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Having expanded our business into the Events division, with new clients, new team members and new systems, it might be assumed that we have therefore expanded our premises to another location. That assumption would be incorrect. Our current building in Old Town, Swindon, is more than big enough for both (at the moment), but not only that, there are plenty of aspects that are easy to streamline if we work together i.e. administration, payment processes, meetings etc.

Why on earth are we writing a blog on travel and networking then hey? Well, it might be logical to think our travel expenses have therefore decreased, and are needs to reach out have also lessened. Wrong. We love both our offices, and all our team members greatly, but they’re not necessarily the people we want to visit or network with. You see, taking the time, and money, to visit another country, individual or city may seem like a nuisance at the time, phrases like “I have more important things to do” or “Now really isn’t a good time” are often used. But the outcome from making the effort is always a worth while investment.

We wanted to give our opinion on the reasons why we make a point of travelling for business as much as possible – It’s a great excuse to show off some holiday snaps too!

You’re only as good as the people around you

You may be lucky enough to spend each and every day with new people, new locations and fresh stimulation, but for the majority, it’s not uncommon to sit at the same desk, next to the same people, having the same conversations, Monday to Friday, every week of the year. Scary thought huh!

When you pair this with the commonly used metaphor surrounding fish, whereby they will grow to suit their environment (small pond = small fish, bigger pond = bigger fish), it’s easy to relate a person’s environment to their development. The more an individual is exposed to, the more opportunities they can have to develop and learn, the more experiences they can utilise, the more successful, informed and equipped they become.

Cabin Fever

In the recent winter excitement that was the February/March 2018 Snow Days, did you find it was all fun and games, until two days in when your cupboards were empty, you couldn’t drive anywhere  and walking was a daily excursion needing emergency supplies? Cabin Fever is a well known result of being stuck in one place for too long and unable to change your surroundings, it’s also referred to as boredom… 

Unfortunately, many people are finding themselves in similar situations at work; their duties are the same day in day out, their routines are predictable and they’re desperate for a change! By scheduling an out of the norm trip, networking event or business meeting, you’ll benefit greatly. A simple change of scenery is sometimes enough to freshen your mind, elevate your mood and get your blood pumping. Although it may seem you’re “too busy” initially, the time you invest will come back to you ten-fold in motivation, fresh insight and the satisfaction of a ‘good day at the (out of the) office’.

International Travel

Not only is travel necessary for refreshment, building relationships and innovation, it’s fun! Part of the RedSeven way of life is hitting goals, achievement and having a Bucket List mentality, so any chance of jumping on a plane and we’ll be there, at the airport, with bells on!

Luckily for us, our RedSeven Organisation regularly schedule opportunities to collaborate and integrate with other businesses around the country, with prestigious events and meetings happening all of the time. Not only do we get invited to be keynote speakers, we choose to share the experience with our team members, extending invitations to individuals who a) have expressed interest in progression and b) have earned them!

The most recent of which was a five day trip to Tampa Bay, Florida. With technology as advanced and convenient as it is today, we could have easily suggested a simple Skype call to live stream our topic to the event, costing us all of zero pounds and zero pennies. Instead, we embraced the opportunity to include two of our fantastic team members:

Why bother with such as added cost to RedSeven???

  • Inspiring our team with the bigger picture of what our business can create for you
  • Recognition for their hard work
  • Widening their horizons out of Old Town, Swindon
  • It’s 100x more fun than a Skype Conference Call!

But what if…

We understand that not everyone is in the position to re-wire their schedule or daily tasks, nor may they be in the financial situation to offer such privileges, but we are all in control of our lives. We choose which job/career/companies we invest our time in, and we decide what values we want our businesses to incorporate.

If you’re not allowing yourself, or your people, the opportunity to look outside your current four walls, that’s on you. Whether it’s fancy international trips, days out to exhibitions, additional training or invites into new meetings, your team members will benefit. And if you don’t ask you may not get, so don’t be afraid to ask your Boss, Supervisor, or whoever it may be you report to, where you can advance your development – It’s never a bad thing to hear from their perspective!

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