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School’s Out for… Never???

For those in education it’s easy to compartmentalise the seasons with their goals; September is the start of the academic year and therefore time to switch back on to learning, Easter is the start of the exam period and all that revision, and summer is for all the fun you’ve earned!

Once leaving education though, months and even years can blur into one. At RedSeven Marketing we encourage all team members to create a goal plan for each quarter. Within these goal plans we suggest breaking each quarter down into smaller goals or achievements because, let’s face it, three months is quite long to keep focused on one thing!

Every month is yours to be utilised, so how are you spending yours?

It’s Human to have Goals

In business you’re always working towards something, whether it’s more customers, a bigger product range or more efficient processes. You don’t need a new ‘term’ to be able to get going, you don’t wait around – If your business needs something, you create a plan and put it into action as soon as possible.

As individuals however, it’s more often the case that we put off attending to our personal goals and dreams. It’s quite sad really.

Those who want to visit a country quite often wait for someone to want to go with them rather than booking a flight and going solo. It may never happen.

Those who hate their jobs but are too scared to investigate their perfect careers end up wasting years in the wrong roles, miserable at work.

Those who would love to own their own business but either a) don’t feel they have the capital, or b) don’t think they know how, never take the plunge and instead work for someone else their entire lives. (The truth is, once you go self-employed you’ll never look back!).

Why do we do this to ourselves? There aren’t any rules or limits to how successful, adventurous or skilled we can be, no-one’s going to stop you getting on a flight at the airport, nor is anyone going  to say “You must be at a desk from 9-5, Monday to Friday”. If you want something and hate the thought of regrets, the only person who you need permission from is you.

RedSeven Striving

The team at RedSeven are working on a multitude of goals; personal income, team profitability, pushing comfort zones, skill development, it’s entirely down to the individual. Here are some examples:

Dale Trinder: “So at the moment I am working on my networking skills so I can expand my knowledge within the business. For example, explaining aspects in new ways so that everyone I coach can understand. They’re then able to get themselves ahead quicker and deal with any challenges they may face more efficiently than I may have done in the past.”

Mel Level: “Having moved from France, my main goal is to find my happy place of work in England and I feel I’ve finally found that with RedSeven; I’m part of the team. It’s somewhere I need to work hard but can reward myself whilst developing my english speaking skills. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn for me and to have more skills for the next day.”

Cameron Ashton: “I’m currently working on passing on my knowledge to my team, so they can begin coaching and training others. The motivation and potential within the team is increasing day by day”

What is it you’re working on?

So ask yourself, what is it you want to achieve in September 2018? When October rolls around, what will you have learned? It’s exciting when you put it like that isn’t it!

If you want to push yourself to be better, and achieve things you never thought you could, apply to join our team as a Self-Employed Brand Ambassador today:

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