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Success: One Step at a Time

Success. That all encompassing word. The one that dominates our social media feeds, television screens and podcast charts. A word that requires a different definition for each person; for some it’s a monetary wealth factor, for others it’s a lifestyle or sometimes a happiness gauge. Whatever it means to you, we’re pretty certain, or hopeful, you’re working toward it somehow, perhaps without even knowing it!

One day…

The individual nature of a person’s success spectrum is exactly why we love facilitating and working with Entrepreneurs at RedSeven. Choosing a self-employed, business owner career path is a conscious decision to become the successful version of yourself. Whether that’s the version that reaches financial freedom, a flexible lifestyle or creative independence, entrepreneurs are building their idea of success one day at a time.

With all it’s benefits (awareness, motivation, inspiration, creativity, connection etc), social media is also home to a bugging negative known as pressure. For all the individuals who’ve “made it”, there are hundreds of thousands of onlookers comparing their level of current success to that of their filtered, tweaked and exaggerated news feeds. But listen up, we’ve got a secret… Right here, right now? That’s where it’s at!

Right Here Right Now - RedSeven

Right here, right now!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the countdown

There isn’t an entrepreneur on this planet that doesn’t look back fondly somehow at their days of building their business; those days are when lessons are learned, experiences are had, skills are built and stories are initiated. If they were born successful do you think they’d enjoy the pay off as much? No! They wouldn’t know any different, nor would they know what had been invested in order to experience the upsides.

We want to let you know that wherever it is you currently are, whether that’s at square one of your diet plan, at a desk in the wrong job for you, or reading this heartbroken from a broken relationship, it’s just one step of an entire skyscraper that is your life. Without that step, you wouldn’t have a structurally sound building, so just put one foot in front of the other and keep climbing that staircase. 

Greek steps - RedSeven

Each step has something you can appreciate

Look around

We’re all aware of how quickly time can pass us by, whether we’re enjoying ourselves or not, so it’s not uncommon to swoop from one quarter to the next and not quite know what you did with that time. We can be so consumed by our end goal, and what’s next, next, next, that we neglect to acknowledge we made progress.

Our suggestion? Achieve often. By all means focus on your ultimate goal, but incorporate and celebrate all of the little wins along the way. With each progression you’ve reached the next level!

So, whether you’re reaching a burpee PB in the gym, adding a client to the books of your business or £100 richer in your savings account, give yourself a little pat on the back. In fact, treat yourself. We highly recommend not only acknowledging any steps in the right direction, but rewarding them with notions that motivate you. You’re almost guaranteed to get to your end destination quicker than relying on delayed gratification alone.

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